Improving outcomes in cardiovascular disease


TALK 1: Current cardiovascular risk in UK patients: is there still room for improvement?
Professor John Deanfield, University College London

TALK 2: COMPASS: pointing us in a better direction?
Professor Keith Fox, University of Edinburgh

TALK 3: Controlling blood pressure, diabetes and lipids in real life practice
Dr Matt Fay, Bradford, Yorkshire

TALK 4: Modern cardiac rehab: what is good practice?
Dr Scott Murray, Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital

TALK 5: Effective smoking cessation
Dr Alex Bobak, GPSI in smoking cessation, Wandsworth

TALK 6: What is the best nutritional advice and how do we deliver this?
Dr Tom Butler, University of Chester

TALK 7: New NICE & ESC guidance
Professor Martin R Cowie, Imperial College London

TALK 8: Diabetes and renal trials
Dr Alison Wren, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London

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